Information about available scenarios:
  1. Projectile motion in vertical plane in the homogenous gravitational field of Earth.
  2. Satellite motion near Earth.
  3. Oscillator Y -- motion of a particle in the potential U(x,y) = 1/2 * y^2
  4. Moon shot -- motion of an unpowered spaceship from an Earth orbit to a Moon orbit

Information on how to zoom: Hold down the SHIFT key to drag the entire screen with the cursor. To ZOOM IN, drag to the center of the screen the area you want to zoom in on, then press the ZOOM IN button.

In all cases the mass of the moving object is taken to be 1 kg.

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Author: Slavomir Tuleja,
Version of June 19, 2005

If you prefer running the program offline just download the ActionClockTicks.jar file (24.4 KB) to your computer. Then double-click it to run it.
The source code of the program can be downloaded here (16.0 KB).